Amazon Sales Rank Express

I want to add a plug for an amazing free online tool for those wanting to keep track of sales on Amazon. Called Amazon Sales Rank Express, it offers a very quick way to not only check your current sales rank [which also provides an indication of how many books you have sold that day], but also:

  • Sales by different formats – print, audio, kindle
  • Top pairings – other books brought together with your book
  • Sales Page data – current discount, reveiws, used books for sale [incl price]

My personal thanks to Aaron Shepard for developing this widget and making it available to authors and publishers.

Check it out for yourself here – it is amazingly fast and retains your data from previous checks. No more waiting for sluggish the Amazon Sales Page to load and you can check on multiple books in a flash.

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    Thank you for useful info. 🙂

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