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Corporate Content Marketers Frustrated with Legal Blockades

A recent article in NZ Entrepreneur highlights the legal constraints in large Australasian multinationals making things very difficult for their content marketers. Battles cries of “bottlenecks, or drastically altered pieces of content and missed deadlines” are being blamed on legal … Continue reading

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Has Alleged Ebook Price Fixing Impacted Ebook Sales?

United States Government accusations that Apply conspired with major book publishers to fix the price of e-books are meeting with strong denial from Apple. The action is estimated to have cost consumers more than US$100 million ($121 million) in the … Continue reading

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Calibre – What A Dream Piece of Software

I am eternally grateful for the many open-source software products made available – most of which are well design and elegant to use. However, now and then one comes along and blows my socks off…this is how I felt when … Continue reading

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Google or Facebook – Who Will Win the Social War?

Since Google released to the public its social networking entry, Google+, the press has been speculating on whether or not it would disrupt or even overtake Facebook. Facebook is certainly fighting back by adding a group contact system and rumoured … Continue reading

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Google’s Big Panda Not So Cuddly

According to Google their latest algorithm supports ” sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on”. In contrast, it will penalise low quality sites – with little added value, content copied from … Continue reading

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New Ebook Publishing Tool

Barnes & Noble has just released a new tool for publishing ebooks through thier website. PubIt! allows self publishing authors to upload Word, txt, rtf, html and other files. PubIt! converts the files into e-books. The e-book will be … Continue reading

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Domain Investors or Squatters?

I was reading an old CNN article on domain investors this morning. Whilst I was well aware of this practice it got me thinking as to why Google hasn’t been all over these crappy link sites that are pulling in … Continue reading

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Is the Perceived Value of E-books Changing?

I was just browsing through the Kindle books on Amazon and came across this interesting comment on a book about sleep disorders: “This book was recommended by my doctor…….I’m not paying $12.99 for something that isn’t even worth $4.00 to … Continue reading

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Google Releases Adsense Revenue Share

According to the Economist, Google has revealed the split of its advertising revenue with online website publishers as being: Content Network 68% Search Network 51% Big media companies negotiate their cut individually. Related Posts:Google Hug Feels More Like a Squeeze … Continue reading

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New Release – Getting to Cloud

The second new release in The Logical Organization Management Insight Series aims to calm the nerves of both buyers and sellers of Cloud Computing technology. Getting to Cloud – Discovering New Business Opportunities with Cloud Computing Cloud is the missing … Continue reading

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