Beware of Data on Google Keyword Tool

There is a lot of chatter this month on blogs about Google releasing search data in it free Keyword Tool – in addition to the traditional green bar graph. It gives actual volume data on searches for the previous month as well as average monthly searches. This is a welcome replacement for Yahoo’s Inventory keyword tool – which was pretty unreliable. But beware – the current reliability of this Google version is not much better at present. But I will hold out hope for good things to come. So I still think its workth taking a quick look at a few of its features

Have a look here

Rather than being totally inaccurate in its numbers, it may be more in the use of the tool – how you interpret what you see.

For example the search volumes for the default setting “Broad” search, does not give you the results you want for basic keyword research for website planning or content writing. However by using the drop-down box you can use to refine your search and get average monthly searches for either:

  • Broad
  • Phrase
  • Exact
  • Exact [by Location]

The Broad and Phrase options can also include variations of your phrase. Help with these additional features can be gained by clicking on the question marks inside the tool and follow the links for detailed explanations.

One annoying thing I find with many Google tools today is that regardless of the zone I set as my default, it defaults to my home country. Since my business is set up in the US, but I may be logging in from London, Melbourne, Auckland or any other country, it defaults results to the country of IP origin.

However, it is very useful to be able to refine results based on a particular country or “All Countries and Territories”. Further – and this a great feature – if you access the Keyword Tool from within one of your AdWords ad group, the search traffic statistics will factor in your campaign’s country and language targeting.

Now this is where the current bugs come in. With some searches zoned to Australia, the results were the same as the results for International. Not very likely! I have redone this search several times over the past few days, and still get the same issue.

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