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Google Releases Adsense Revenue Share

According to the Economist, Google has revealed the split of its advertising revenue with online website publishers as being: Content Network 68% Search Network 51% Big media companies negotiate their cut individually. Related Posts:Google Hug Feels More Like a Squeeze … Continue reading

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Recovering From Google Slap Aug 2009?

If you are a serious internet marketer, you will be aware that something happened a few days ago – another Google Slap. Google’s policies are pretty static, so it is not that Google has added some new terms and conditions … Continue reading

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Deadline for Update of Privacy Policies for Adsense Publishers

ADSENSE PUBLISHERS _ TODAY [April 8] IS THE DEADLINE FOR UPDATING YOUR PRIVACY POLICIES Google has changed the technology used to serve ads, and are now using the DoubleClick DART cookie. Google requires that all Adsense publishers include statement that … Continue reading

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Google Search Keyword Tool Released in Beta

Google has released it’s latest tool to support online marketers. The new keyword search tool works in reverse from most previous keyword tools. Enter the website URL and the keyword you wish to search on and the tool provides a … Continue reading

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Are Placement Targeted Ads Driving Down Your Adsense Revenue?

I have noticed a sudden unseasonal drop in my Adsense earnings this month so decided to investigate. In case you have not realised, Adsense reporting has changed to include some new features. Read the Adsense Blog here. Unfortunately that did … Continue reading

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Microsft Ditching Old Web Analytics Model For Engagement Mapping

Microsoft has announced plans to test a new way to measure the effectiveness of Internet advertising. This will challenge the existing industry standard adopted by Google and Yahoo. The focus will be on “Engagement Mapping” with a key difference around … Continue reading

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Google Power…Scary or Awesome?

Part two of our series on Google we look at the power Google wields, worldwide and how that dominance impacts the operation of the marketplace. One thing is certain – Google is here to stay…..well, for a while anyway. Google … Continue reading

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Does Google Really Care?

Over the next week, we are going to profile the most successful media company ever – Google. In just 10 short years it has grown from a campus challenge to an international conglomerate that threatens to totally control the online … Continue reading

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Work Your Adsense Cycles

Adsense has cycles. For instance, expect adsense income on sites relating to colleges to increase over the pre break and summer break periods. Fall and Winter is time time people spend most hours in front of the computer….and looking to … Continue reading

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