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Google’s Big Panda Not So Cuddly

According to Google their latest algorithm supports ” sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on”. In contrast, it will penalise low quality sites – with little added value, content copied from … Continue reading

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Squidoo Ousts Junk Lenses

In a welcome move to clear the Internet of junk web pages, Squidoo is taking bold steps to rid its website of lenses that fail to meet certain quality standards. To maintain the quality of their service and discourage IM … Continue reading

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New Wave of Real Time IP Collaboration

Google has come down from the cloud and is now skimming the waves in a new, higher level of collaboration for publishing online. Announced yesterday, the Wave service will allow multiple users to chat and work together in real time … Continue reading

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Streaming Video Still Heating Up

Online video is still growing stronger, according to the latest Nielsen Online’s latest VideoCensus teport. After a fall in February 2009, March viewership recovered with total video streams in March** up almost 40% from a year ago: Total video streams … Continue reading

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High Quality PLR Content Can Reduce eBook Development To Just Days

I often get asked how long it takes to write a book – and of course, the answer is, that I know how long I take, but every person is different. The differences are from the factors one would expect … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Online Video Ads?

The advertising industry recognises that technology is enabling viewers to skip advertising, and TV spot’s are becoming less effective. Companies are allocating more significant dollars into online advertising, a large part of that to video ads. But are the same … Continue reading

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Will The Real Web 2.0 Please Reveal Itself?

There are many good newsletters and authors on the Web; but a lot of the content is blandly repeated from site to site without much added value. Every now and then I come across one that stands out. In this … Continue reading

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