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Finally – A Tool To Help Protect PDF Ebooks From Scammers

Every now and then one comes across a product that is a no brainer – and I believe PDF Marker is one of those. For any digital publisher of ebooks, maintaining the pdf format for ease of use for your … Continue reading

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Google Hug Feels More Like a Squeeze

As Google continues to roll out free services to lure its market, behind the scenes it is tightening the screws to help publishers restrict access to articles on their online news sites. Newspaper publishers will now be able to set … Continue reading

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Should Publishers Support DRM-free Ebooks?

It seems authors and publishers are often at opposite ends of the tug of war between DRM ebooks and Open [DRM-free] Ebooks. One such author struggled with his publisher over several months to have his books published DRM free. His … Continue reading

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Deadline for Update of Privacy Policies for Adsense Publishers

ADSENSE PUBLISHERS _ TODAY [April 8] IS THE DEADLINE FOR UPDATING YOUR PRIVACY POLICIES Google has changed the technology used to serve ads, and are now using the DoubleClick DART cookie. Google requires that all Adsense publishers include statement that … Continue reading

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New Ebook Formats Driving Ebook Growth

Gone are the days when PDF ebooks ruled large. With over 500,000 Amazon Kindle ebook readers sold in the USA alone, 400,000 Sony Reader PRS-700’s in the US and UK and over 30 million Apple iPhones across 80 countries it … Continue reading

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3 Media Turnarounds in 3 Days

Over the past few days there have been 3 signficant turnarounds in the media world in terms of privacy, copyright. Facebook Facebook, the social media site has over 175 million customers. And many of those were not happy with the … Continue reading

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The Perils of Offering An Ebook Version of Your Printed Book

I was just reading an email from David Pogue on the “E-Publishing Debate” after he suffered at the hands of pirates who requested [under the guise of being blind] a pdf electronic copy of his printed book – then blasted … Continue reading

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Latest Email Security Stats

The August MessageLabs Report on www distributed spam, viruses and phishing has been released. The new threats appear to involve virtual postcards and YouTube video requests to distribute the Trojan code. Malicious Websites – increasing every day Spam – 74.0% … Continue reading

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