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Calibre – What A Dream Piece of Software

I am eternally grateful for the many open-source software products made available – most of which are well design and elegant to use. However, now and then one comes along and blows my socks off…this is how I felt when … Continue reading

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New Ebook Publishing Tool

Barnes & Noble has just released a new tool for publishing ebooks through thier website. PubIt! allows self publishing authors to upload Word, txt, rtf, html and other files. PubIt! converts the files into e-books. The e-book will be … Continue reading

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NYTimes on Interoperatiblity of Ebook Readers and Ebook Copyright

Right on cue from the last post – this NYTimes article on interoperability of ebook readers and copyright protection for ebooks – check it out Related Posts:New Larger Screen Kindle Due Very Soon!New Ebook Formats Driving Ebook Growth Share & … Continue reading

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Finally – A Tool To Help Protect PDF Ebooks From Scammers

Every now and then one comes across a product that is a no brainer – and I believe PDF Marker is one of those. For any digital publisher of ebooks, maintaining the pdf format for ease of use for your … Continue reading

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Google Hug Feels More Like a Squeeze

As Google continues to roll out free services to lure its market, behind the scenes it is tightening the screws to help publishers restrict access to articles on their online news sites. Newspaper publishers will now be able to set … Continue reading

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Designing Interactive Learning

Designing effective business improvement programs can be difficult, especially when faced with too many technology options. Many of the more effective presentation methods are actually more traditional style, rather than the animated build so commonly overused in PowerPoint. And of … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Like Application for PC

Amazon have released a free PC application to allow access to books normally only accessible via its Kindle ebook reader.. This allows customers easier access to over 360,000 books [depending on country of access]. The application has core features synchronisation … Continue reading

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New Review Guidelines by FTC Confusing at Best

The Federal Trade Commission [FTC] has revised its guidelines around endorsements and testimonials – online and word-of-mouth recommendations. Bloggers – Their statement appears to judge statements by bloggers, even on person blogs as an ‘endorsement,’ or sponsored message – if … Continue reading

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Should Publishers Support DRM-free Ebooks?

It seems authors and publishers are often at opposite ends of the tug of war between DRM ebooks and Open [DRM-free] Ebooks. One such author struggled with his publisher over several months to have his books published DRM free. His … Continue reading

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New Wave of Real Time IP Collaboration

Google has come down from the cloud and is now skimming the waves in a new, higher level of collaboration for publishing online. Announced yesterday, the Wave service will allow multiple users to chat and work together in real time … Continue reading

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