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Domain Investors or Squatters?

I was reading an old CNN article on domain investors this morning. Whilst I was well aware of this practice it got me thinking as to why Google hasn’t been all over these crappy link sites that are pulling in … Continue reading

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The Great Publishing Divide Still Strong

In a recent post, Seth Godin made a brief comment about ‘When the Writer Becomes the Publisher’ His belief is that we have yet to reach the solution where someone can “collate, amplify and leverage the work of writers and … Continue reading

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High Quality PLR Content Can Reduce eBook Development To Just Days

I often get asked how long it takes to write a book – and of course, the answer is, that I know how long I take, but every person is different. The differences are from the factors one would expect … Continue reading

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Are Placement Targeted Ads Driving Down Your Adsense Revenue?

I have noticed a sudden unseasonal drop in my Adsense earnings this month so decided to investigate. In case you have not realised, Adsense reporting has changed to include some new features. Read the Adsense Blog here. Unfortunately that did … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing Holding Ground During Recession

Like most business people, you have probably been wondering how you will fare if the USA [and the rest of the world] slip into a deep depression. Certainly some industries are more recession proof that others, some even perform better … Continue reading

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Googles Pathway to Success

Part 3 of our series on Google focuses on the path of Google to 2008….its strategies, successes and failures. Googles strategy appears to be to build from the bottom up. By providing the market with commercial grade tools, without charge, … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Online Video Ads?

The advertising industry recognises that technology is enabling viewers to skip advertising, and TV spot’s are becoming less effective. Companies are allocating more significant dollars into online advertising, a large part of that to video ads. But are the same … Continue reading

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Build You Business On Solid Business Principles

Over the past year I have failed. In fact I confirmed my success by failing. After being a corporate strategist and performance consultant for over 15 years I decided to take a year off and look at ways to productise … Continue reading

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