Is the Perceived Value of E-books Changing?

I was just browsing through the Kindle books on Amazon and came across this interesting comment on a book about sleep disorders:

“This book was recommended by my doctor…….I’m not paying $12.99 for something that isn’t even worth $4.00 to hack down trees for.”.

An interesting comment on a book where the digital version sells for more than 3 times the print version.

Its interesting to see how the mindset is adjusting to the ebook evolution. At first buyers were resistant due to the emotional connection with holding a paper book. Add to this the lower perceived value of an electronic download. As the convenience of ebook readers started to take hold, the value attached to ebooks appears to have risen.

The strange thing about books is that buyers tend to subscribe a large part of their value judgement to the size of the book, rather than the value of the content. Will ebooks change this?

One has to wonder where it will be in another two years, when someone resists paying for the information purely on the basis that the cost of the printed book is less than the cost of the Kindle version.

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