New Wave of Real Time IP Collaboration

Google has come down from the cloud and is now skimming the waves in a new, higher level of collaboration for publishing online.

Announced yesterday, the Wave service will allow multiple users to chat and work together in real time within a window Google is calling a ‘wave’. Wave facilitates real time exchange of documents, photos, videos, maps and IM. The speed is supposedly down to the character level, but as yet, there is no VoIP facility.

On the document side, concurrent text editing, even on image lables, will incorporate a rather nifty playback feature to show how the image and content has evolved.

Wave is merely the next line of IP communication. Find more about Wave in this

The company demonstrated the service at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco on Thursday, to several thousand developers attending the conference. It is asking developers to give feedback on the service and to participate by creating further applications on Wave’s open platform.

The code will be open source, and developers intending to build on the platform are being given access to APIs, according to a post on the official Google blog.

Read more about Wave in the news.zdnet article

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