New Release – Leading with SPI

I am really excited to announce the first of two new additions to the TLO Management Insight Series: Leading With SPI.

Leading with SPI – Driving Productivity and Profit using Strategic Performance Improvement

Leading with SPI - Driving Productivity and Profit using Strategic Performance Improvement

Leading with SPI provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to driving better strategic definition and more effective and efficient strategic execution. Using the powers of business intelligence, the key decisions of the business are focused around those points where real improvement can be made. SPI transforms the outlook of business leaders from a backward facing measurement system using traditional lagging indicators, to a more future focused KPI based performance improvement capability that delivers more opportunities to improve and move ahead of competition.

SPI starts with deconstruction of measurable strategic objectives to help focus the business on what’s most important, and by following a simple process, identifies the questions that must be answered at each key decision point.

The KPI used to measure performance are grouped around these key decision points, ensuring that what must be done, gets measured. And, gets focused upon!

Find out more about Leading with SPI by clicking here

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To Fake Review or Not – That is the Question

An interesting comment made by media and communication guru Seth Godin in a recent blog – the blog was focused around the poorly constructed analysis of Kindle reviews presented by a Times blog post – that was not the bit that got my brain churning – it was the following comment – “Amazon reviews never reflect the product, they reflect the passion people have for the product”. He supports this claim with a comment commonly made by Jeff Bezos, that most great products get 5 star and 1 star reviews on the basis, that anyone passionate enough about a product is not going to give it a three star review.

Makes perfect sense – especially when you add all those 5 star reviews given by ‘pseudo’ customers [read author or publicist] and one star reviews written by competing authors and publicists. Don’t get wooly on me – of course they do it. It’s why I don’t illicit reviews for my books on Amazon – probably stupid, considering that most people don’t know that most of them are false, and that they certainly do support book sales – its just that I can’t stand to be associated with anything false. I would rather just concentrate on putting out a quality product and market through channels with higher integrity.

Check out Seths Post – always a good read!

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NYTimes on Interoperatiblity of Ebook Readers and Ebook Copyright

Right on cue from the last post – this NYTimes article on interoperability of ebook readers and copyright protection for ebooks – check it out

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Digital Publishing Formats & Security

Another worthwhile presentation on digital formats and epublishing security

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Finally – A Tool To Help Protect PDF Ebooks From Scammers

Every now and then one comes across a product that is a no brainer – and I
believe PDF Marker is one of those. For any digital publisher of ebooks, maintaining
the pdf format for ease of use for your cusotmers, exposes you to unethical
scammers who can purchase your ebook, then share it free with the world. Next
minute you find it on multiple free ebook download sites and the months of work
you just invested in is rapidly diluted to a low commercial ROI.

I have just downloaded this product to try for the next 30 days – for only
$USD37. [That’s for a limited 50 downloads only]. So if you are looking for
a way around this ongoing issue – this just may be it. Well worth checking it
out. Let me know what you think?

Click Here to Check Out PDF Marker

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Google Hug Feels More Like a Squeeze

As Google continues to roll out free services to lure its market, behind the scenes it is tightening the screws to help publishers restrict access to articles on their online news sites.

Newspaper publishers will now be able to set a limit on the number of free news articles people can read through Google. I expect this will be a welcome, and fair move, enabling online publishers more control over access to the assets that are essentially their core business. As print ad revenues continue to decline, most newspaper publishers are now seeking new ways to make money from their online content.

The ‘First Click Free’ program is in response to claims from some media companies that the search engine is profiting from their online news pages.

After five clicks in a single day, the user may be routed to payment or registration pages. This will only affect websites that currently charge for content.

Thus, the squeeze between old print subscription media and online subscription media is getting tighter.

Prior to this program, readers could avoid paying subscription fees by routing to the pages via Google. It seems Google searches could link directly to newspaper articles, bypassing subscription systems. Now just two lines of code on the server, and Google will back off. It will be interesting to see how this program impacts subscription rates.

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Designing Interactive Learning

Designing effective business improvement programs can be difficult, especially when faced with too many technology options. Many of the more effective presentation methods are actually more traditional style, rather than the animated build so commonly overused in PowerPoint. And of course there is the content – how much is too much, or too little. Check out this simple, yet powerful presentation on how to create more effective business improvement training programs. By Cathy Moore.

For a comprehensive list of free and paid screencasting and authoring tools

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Amazon Kindle Like Application for PC

Amazon have released a free PC application to allow access to books normally only accessible via its Kindle ebook reader.. This allows customers easier access to over 360,000 books [depending on country of access].

The application has core features synchronisation features to keep your reading in synch with Kindle, such as:

  • Automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations between devices with Whispersync
  • Create bookmarks and view the annotations you created on your Kindle

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Ad Campaigns on Social Media Sites

If you have been wondering how successful those small ads are on social media sites such as Facebook – check out this blog post on

In this example, IT job site Dice [which gets about one million visitors per month] was used to run a controlled experiment to identify just how effective such media campaigns are on these sites – the results were impressive. In this 2 day campaign, Dice doubled its share of competitor job site visitors, capturing 6% of job site visitors [compared to 2% of the control group].

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Media Pitches That Work – Fast!

An interesting clip [in amongst the clutter] on the seven essential elements of a media pitch

1. Compelling headline
2. Get to the point in the first sentence
3. Credibility – it doesn’t have to be a past appearance on Oprah!!
4. Tips – to help the media as much as possible
5. Availability – if its a highly current topic, be prepared at short notice
6. Contact – include after hours contact and BE AVAILABLE!
7. Link to Hi Res Book Cover [Press Kit Online]

The Pitch That Gets Media Attention

Download the actual
made for this appearance

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