Recovering From Google Slap Aug 2009?

If you are a serious internet marketer, you will be aware that something happened a few days ago – another Google Slap. Google’s policies are pretty static, so it is not that Google has added some new terms and conditions for Adword campaign marketers, adsense publishers or affiliate marketers. Rather, they jsust do a bit of housekeeping now and then to clean up the spammy sites and campaigns that offer little in terms of real value to the Google public.

None of my sites were affected as I offer genuine content. However, I like to know what’s going down so after running around the Net a bit, I put together a plan of recovery for those who have received a none too gentle reminder of what Google expects.

Find out more about how to recover from Google Slap Aug 2009

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One Response to Recovering From Google Slap Aug 2009?

  1. Jeff says:

    Luckily none of my sites were sweep that time.

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