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Is the Perceived Value of E-books Changing?

I was just browsing through the Kindle books on Amazon and came across this interesting comment on a book about sleep disorders: “This book was recommended by my doctor…….I’m not paying $12.99 for something that isn’t even worth $4.00 to … Continue reading

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New Ebook Formats Driving Ebook Growth

Gone are the days when PDF ebooks ruled large. With over 500,000 Amazon Kindle ebook readers sold in the USA alone, 400,000 Sony Reader PRS-700’s in the US and UK and over 30 million Apple iPhones across 80 countries it … Continue reading

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The Perils of Offering An Ebook Version of Your Printed Book

I was just reading an email from David Pogue on the “E-Publishing Debate” after he suffered at the hands of pirates who requested [under the guise of being blind] a pdf electronic copy of his printed book – then blasted … Continue reading

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International Publishers Getting Behind Ebook Format

Whether the launch of Amazons Kindle Ebook Reader has anything to do with it but there is a current surge of major publishers launching electronic versions of their books. In the UK, two of the biggest publishers – Random House … Continue reading

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