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Wordpress Plugins


Wordpress plugins are a must if you are serious about the social marketing aspect of your blog.

The only reliable directory for Wordpress plugins is wp-plugins.net

There are so many plugins to choose from, so below are a key plugins I recommend, and that I use on my sites:

NOTE: installing plugins is

Blog Administration

  • Akismet – captures all the spam you are going to get in your comments. Normally included in your wordpress download.

User Navigation and Ease of Use

  • Wordpress Google Sitemap Plugin  - This generator will create a Google Sitemaps compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. Allows you to customise all the normal parameters, then generates a static XML file in your Blog directory (Filename is customizable), a gzipped version of the sitemap and a sitemap for homepage, posts, static pages, categories and archive pages. It also calculates a priority for each post, based on the number of comments (You can also turn this off), and the XML file gets automatically rebuilt if you change/edit/create/publish a post. This means you can automatically tell Google about changes via Google-Ping.

    Get Wordpress Sitemap Plugin 

  • WP Print   - allows visitors to print individual posts with a click of a mouse.

    Get WP Print Wordpress Plugin

  • Exec-PHP – you will use this anytime you have to put PHP code into your posts and other areas of your blog inside the content or excerpt of your posts and pages.

    Get Exec-PHP Wordpress Plugin

  • Subscribe To Comments – allows users to subscribe to comments and get notified when someone replies – a great community builder. Install Instructions.
  • Get Subscribe To Comments Wordpress Plugin


  • Optimal Title – SEO’s your post titles Optimal Title is a WordPress plugin that positions your blog name on to the end of the page title instead of appearing first. This provides provides more meaningful search engine results and browser bookmark names. The text that appears between your <title> tags is used to generate both of these things, and will often be truncated when viewed. Because of this, it is more effective to have words directly relating to the content of your page appear before common markers. Titles be more meaningful and more scannable.

    Get Optimal Title Wordpress Plugin
  • Another Wordpress Meta Plugin – Allows you to define META keywords and description for every post and page, from the edit/create page. You can also define a global description that will be used for your front (index) page. The category description is used for the META description whenever possible.

    Get Another Wordpress Metal Plugin

Traffic Building

Social Networking

  • KQF Wordpress Plugin  - use it to add feeds to posts and pages. Customise the look and behaviour of feeds. Includes a polling feature that will check for feed freshness at predetermined intervals. Feed management made simple!

    GEt KQF Wordpress Plugin

  • Ultimate Tag Warrior – An essential blogging plugin! Local tagging is picked up by Technorati with functions for displaying tags and related tags for a post; related tags for a specific tag ; the rendering of a long tail graph; and more! Also includes a tag management facility

    Get Ultimate Tag Warrior Wordpress Plugin

  • Tagalize It – enhances your tagging and works with Ultimate Tag Warrior. Surounding a tag within your body test of the message with a [TAG-TEC][/TAG-TEC] will create a Technorati tag. Likewise for ice rocket and Ultimate Tag Warior tag. Requires registration email on download to receive upgrades.

    Get Tagalize It Wordpress Plugin

  • Share This - allows you to easily present a list of posts you select outside of your blog chronology. Very useful for featuring things that might otherwise slip into the nether regions of your archives.

    Get Share This Wordpress Plugin

  • Nicer Trackbacks - gives a better looking trackback with a contextual looking link. See install instructions on download page.

    Get Nicer Trackbacks Wordpress Plugin


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