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Getting Amazon Reviews of Your Book


There are two ways to get reviews for your book on Amazon. These reviews have more power than many of the official review lists such as Publishers Weekly and the New York Times Book Review who do not do reveiws on self published books.

Someone buys your book - then has the opportunity to post a review

Submit your book for review to the Amazon Review List

ffer your book to 100 to 300 potential readers who can make a real difference? Ask them to consider posting an honest review of your book on Amazon.com in exchange for a complimentary copy. If you spend two or three days contacting about 300 potential Amazon reviewers, you can expect to receive about 40 to 50 responses, and wind up with perhaps 35 reviews, a quite satisfactory result.

Amazon Top Reviewers list

  1. Look for potential reviewers on Amazon's Top Reviewers List -- only target those who regularly post reviews of books similar to yours.
  2. There is a ranking system, but I find this pretty useless. It would help to have a way to find reviewers that are interested in certain categories of books.
  3. Currently the ranking is based on the number of reviews written and the votes those reviews receive when people click Yes in response to "Was this review helpful to you?"
  4. Contact the Reviewer - Some provide postal or e-mail addresses. You can reach the others by clicking the 'Invite to be an Amazon Friend' link at the top right of the profile page, This opens a pop-up form where you can enter a message that Amazon will forward as e-mail.
  5. Contact Customers of Similar Books - if they have an Amazon Friend profile, you will find a similar link to contact them.

Other ways to find reviewers are:

  • Frequent posters on your blog
  • Partipants in forums
  • Writers of articles on topics in your field
  • Posting a message on Amazons discussion board

Avoid getting reviews from those who have not read your book - they scream insincerity and set up.

Whenever you receive e-mails from readers who praise your book or request further information, you might respond this way:

"Thank you for the kind words about my book. If you agree, I would love to be able to share your review on Amazon and let other potential readers know why you liked it. Just a summary of the comments you sent me would be great. Here's a link to the review form for my book: http://www.Amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/write-a-review.html?asin=[ISBN] - add your book ISBN

Giving away a few copies of your book will reap rewards you cannot buy.


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