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Wonderful Widgets - Getting The Best From Your Desktop


Widgets are charming small program applications that run on your desktop to create a productivity dashboard. They include things such as work organisation tools, computer system monitoring, iTunes management, eBay notifications, Website performance tracking, adsense income tracking. A whole world of wonderful things to make your life easier and save a lot of time.

How many times do you check your traffic stats at AWStats in Cpanel? 

  • How many times do you check your Adsense? 
  • Do you have performance monitoring on your website?
  • All these tasks can be performed easily or automatically by Widgets.

Widget  applications are downloadable from Widget Galleries such as Yahoo Widgets.


How To Load Widgets

  1. Download the Yahoo Widgets Engine Application from Yahoo Widgets
  2. Install as directed by the Text File
  3. Select and download widgets from Yahoo Widget Gallery
  4. Install as per directions on each widget


Recommended Widgets For Digital Publishers

I have done a lot of the hard work for you, and selected some of the best widgets I thought would suit digital publishers and Internet Marketers. These widgets support:




Organise Your Desktop with Tab based shortcut, file, URL launcher. Drop links onto tab or .ico/png onto tab to change tab graphic.


BBB Bar - BigBadaBoom

A simple Widget that displays links in a little vertical bar.


  • Customizable colors
  • Customizable transparancy for several parts
  • Drag and drop shortcuts onto the bar
  • Drag & Drop sites and links right onto the bar
  • Nice little Mouseover effect
  • Expand/Colapse the bar


Shortcut Launcher

Organise all of your shortcuts to applications, web sites, or files under categories.


  • User definable categories
  • Multiple views: icons, text, text & icon
  • Persistent storage of data
  • Complete control over shortcuts


Lazy Launcher

Does your Program List in Start Menu take up your whole screen and take 5 seconds to load. Lazy Launcher, allows you to start any program with a few keystrokes.


Window Controler

Minimize, restore (from minimized), cascade, and tile (horizontally/vertically) all of the windows on the desktop.


Colors provides an interface to the Color Picker. [ One of my favorite programs]


Approver.com Document Alerts

Approver.com is a free and easy way to share documents with colleagues. The Approver.com Document Alert Widget lets you easily see when someone has sent you a document for review on Approver.com.


Screen Shooter

Easily take screenshots of your whole screen, a portion of the screen or of an individual window. More adaptable than print screen to photoshop! And ideal for tutorial building.


  • Take screenshot of whole screen
  • Take screenshot of individual window
  • Take screenshot of user-defined portion
  • Save images as JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF, or PNG

*IMPORTANT* Requires Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 or greater


Note Box

A very simple resizable Widget for leaving little notes. Drag the lower right corner to resize. Notes are automatically saved.


Thesaurus-Dictionary Lookup

A publishers dream, this WIdget looks up a word you enter using Thesaurus.com or Dictionary.com



A quick entry panel into any URL you like. Direct into those blogs for easy posts. Even launches your default browser automatically




Keep those back ups happening

This Widget allows to transfer files via Secure Copy (SCP). It allows the user to use password or private key authentication. Files may be uploaded by dropping them onto the icon. Folders may be listed and files may be downloaded to a local folder again.



We all do it - use the same password or one of 2 or 3 for everything. We know it's dangerous, but how many can one remember. This widget acts like MS Passport. By assigning your a centralized access system, PasswordMaker (also available as Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape extensions) creates unique, secure passwords that are very easy to retrieve. Nothing is stored anywhere, anytime, so there's nothing to be hacked, lost, or stolen.



Another option to keep passwords safe. A password manager secure all your passwords with a single master key. All data is encrypted using AES.



Keep prying eyes away and prevent accidental deletion whilst you run out for that quick meeting or a cup of coffee. Lock-It! is the quick and easy way to lock your computer to prevent someone from being able to access your data.


Sys Monitor

Shows you all the local system information you need. Fully configurable! The most comprehensive system monitor I came across.

  • Uptime*
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Battery
  • Wireless
  • Volumes
  • Network Cards (LAN)*
  • Remote IP (WAN)

* Only works on Windows, automatically disabled under Mac.



Keep those performance hungry programs closed until needed. Another favorite - Skyper Widget will allow you see a specific contact's online status without opening up Skype to check.



My Site Monitor

With "My Site Monitor" you can:

  • Continually monitor your site's or blog's availability.
  • Play WAV, MIDI, or MP3 files when errors are detected.
  • Log errors to a text file.



Monitors the Google PageRank for any website in a small clean interface.


AWStats Bar

Keep track of traffic without Cpanel access. A slimline bar that shows the current unique and total visitors from an AWStats installation. You can get a copy of AWStats at Sourceforge


Google AdSense

This Widget displays the current income directly from your Google AdSense account.

Monitor eBay with Voice and SMS

Receive text messages and/or hear voice alerts when price changes or auction ends. See the item's status on the Widget. Let the Widget refresh the info for you, or refresh it manually.

  • Let Bid-O-Mania track the items for you!
  • View featured seller of the day, today's joke or interesting quotes to brighten up your day. :-)


eBay Seller Sales

Want to know how your eBay sales are progressing for today and for the month? This Widget will provide you periodic updates per your preferences. This Widget is an eBay certified application!