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Lead Generation


As more and more web publishers watch as their adsense incomes decline to pitiful levels, they are finally taking hold of newer income generating models. Amongst the two most successful internet marketing streams at present are:

  1. Viral List Building
  2. Webinars
  3. Lead Generation

And the two can mix very well.

Mark Vurnum, one of the leaders in webinars, focusses his use of webinars for lead generation. As a past offline marketer, Mark is aware of the performance of other channels of lead generation, and has found using webinars for this purpose exceeded all his expectations.


Using Webinars For Lead Generation

In 18 months, Mark applied four hours a day, 5 days a week. He now sells or rents 5000 leads a month at average $5.50 a lead - that's over $30,000 a month, from just this one income stream. Generating leads for other businesses is becoming big business in itself.

As a bonus, you are building your own list in the process, which gives you the opportunity to capitalise on a lifetime value basis.


Lead Data Is Captured

To obtain the maximum revenue for your lead, you need to capture at a minumum [ Required Fields]

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Postal Address
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Niche Related Field - to qualify prospect

Quality of data also adds to the lead generation data value. A domain name email address is much higher quality than Hotmail type accounts. Data geo-fenced to target local buyers will also generate more revenue. Lead data can seel for $1 to $100 a name. The better quality the lead - more data, more specific - the higher sale or rent price.

Small niches are often the most profitable - no one is involved in marketing to them.


How To Capture Lead Data

Dating Sites are a great example of how to get lots of people to give away lots of data. They also demonstrate how willing people are to give away data when they believe it is to their benefit to do so. The current traditional Squeeze Pages are not adequate for lead data capture.

Traditional squeeze pages only capture first name and email address. Serious buyers are willing to add more information because they genuinely want to get more information or hear from you. Asking for more information is a good way to 'qualify' that the prospect is genuinely interested in the information and/or service you are proposing.


Event Pages

Mark uses the phrase 'Event Pages' rather than 'Sales Letter Pages'. This is because, data captured by the event page triggers a series of events:

  1. Subscribes them to the Autoresponder series
  2. Auto forwards lead to buyer
  3. Auto to mailing distributer to send something in mail

Mini test the market before you get to step 3- the offline mailing. There is an obvious cost here so you want to make it pay. It also depends on the sale price of the item - such as real estate.

Just like opt-in pages, give your leads something, such as a guide - 'How To Pick A Reliable Wedding Caterer' - What you must know before you contact any wedding catering company so you dont get ripped off.

Technology Requirements

You need very little technology to generate revenue from leads.

  1. HTML editor to build your Event Pages
  2. Autoresponder
  3. Email Program

To start you can manage certain steps manually. Instead of having a special macro or script to extract and forward your leads to your lead data buyers, you can simply export the data in a .csv file and email it to the lead buyer.


List Broking

If have information site on a particular subject - find a list with a data broker from Google or the Yellow Pages to get all the companies associated with your lead list. These are your target market for your lead list.

Either set up:

  • Direct approach to companies - tell them you have a list, would they like to buy it.
  • Telemarketing companies hold data  - tell them you have a list, would you like to rent it. They take it on file, and if they get a client that wants to target that list niche, they will rent your list.
  • List Broking companies - deal with lists of 10,000+

Generally, you will get better result doing it yourself.


How To Generate Leads

  1. Find Keywords - Use Google KeywordGeneration Tool to find big search lists of 1000 to 10,000 searches a month.
  2. Get your list specific.  For example Wedding Catering Service Los Angeles
  3. ID Demand - Look at the number of advertisers and what they are paying - you want at least 6 to indicate an interest in the niche.  Anyone spending over $1 in PPC is a good target for lead generation.
  4. Start Generating Your List - create a giveaway guide, and build your event page. Build up at least 30 good contacts before you approach buyers.
  5. Locate Buyers - build a list of PPC advertisers and check local advertisers to identify potential buyers
  6. Contact potential buyers - Go to all the Wedding Catering Services, tell them you have a list of people wanting their service, and whether they are interested in buying these from you. Stay away from finance, insurance, mortgages. Often the small, discrete household niches are the best - water coolers, air purifiers, clocks etc. Tell them 50 names who want to hire - expecting your call.