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Creating An Ebook


A quick overview of the process for creating and selling an ebook.

  1. Define Ebook Subject
  2. Create Ebook Copy
  3. Publish Ebook
  4. Register Copyright
  5. Obtain ISBN


Defining Ebook Subject

Defining the subject of an ebook is one of the most asked questions in ebook publishing. To answer this, I like the quote from fifth century Chinese general Sun Tsu's 'Art of War':

"The army that chooses a battlefield that suits it's strengths will win without having to fight"

The key is matching a key strength that you already possess, or that you have ready access to, to a profitable market niche. This takes some time, but by being methodical and doing a bit of research you will uncover your diamond in the rough.


Create Ebook Copy

  1. Define Your Subject Scope - you don't need to write everything on a subject, and will often have more success in concentrating on a narrow scope.
  2. Create Chapter Headings
  3. Write copy for each chapter using 10pt Arial or Verdana. Use short sentences and a lot of white space with separate paragraphs to separate each point.


Publish Ebook

  1. Create HTML Pages - use standard HTML code for internal links, images and external links. External links to open outside the ebook should be set at Target=Blank.
  2. Create Admin Pages
    1. Introduction - a brand page with logo, book title, contact details
    2. Forward - information on warranties, copyright, trademarks, disclaimers etc
    3. About - an instructional page on how to use the ebook
    4. Table of Contents
  3. Add Navigation Elements - Back | Next | Front | End
  4. Save all files to single folder. Use index.html as page one.
  5. Compile Ebook. Publish Your Ebook - in either PDF, .exe, DLN or other format.
  6. Test Your Ebook
  7. Send out sample copies to obtain testimonials


Register Copyright

Although your work contains inherent copyright, you must register your copyright should you ever intend to make claims for infringements.

Copyright Witness - provides copyright registration for original works by writers, musicians, artists, designers, software providers, authors, companies, organisations and individuals. The service supports international copyright protection by securing independent evidence that will help prove originality and ownership in any future claims or disputes. Also known as UK Copyright Service.

The current charges for online registration are £35.00 for 5 years or £60.00 for 10 years per work. This covers uploads of up to 10MB per work registered. Uploads over 10MB are also subject to a charge of 2p per additional MB or part thereof.

For More Information on Copyright.

US Copyright Office

Obtain ISBN Number

ISBN is a 10 digit unique book identifier required to list books in online book stores, libraries etc. Batches of 10 ISBN numbers can be obtained for $US225 from:

Note: U.S. ISBN Agency, R R Bowker is the exclusive US source of publisher prefixes and ISBN numbers for eligible publishers. Beware of unauthorised ISBN resellers.

Obtain Bookland EAN [European Article Number] Barcode if you are planning to distribute your ebook on CD-ROM. This enables the ISBN to be directly coded into the barcode.

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