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Preparing Your Ebook To Publish In PDF


Adobe PDF ebooks are the most commonly used format today, albeit with the secruity restrictions. The main reason for their popularity is that nearly all computer users have free Adobe Reader.

To prepare your ebook manuscript for PDF, complete the following.

File Type

Acceptable file types for conversion of your manuscript into pdf are:

  • Word Pad [.doc]
  • Microsoft Works [.wps]
  • Rich Text [.doc]
  • Plain Text [.txt]

File Size

Edit your eBooks a a file size no larger than about 20 MB. This can either be a single file or group of files. During the PDF publishing process, these documents will be compressed. A 20MB document set will generally compress to around 500kB.

Cover Images

Each eBook should have a simple cover. This may include an image.

File Type: GIF or JPEG [.gif, .jpg, .jpeg ]

Size: At Least 120x160 pixels

Copy Format

Depending upon the version of Adobe Acrobat you use, you can collate multiple file types into a single document. Alternatively, you will need to collate all files into a single document before publishing. Follow the ready-to-publish checklist:

  1. Spell-check - do not rely on Word automatic spell check
  2. Grammar-check - do not rely on Word automatic grammar check
  3. Check there are no extra spaces, tabs, etc. Use standard word processing features such as page breaks, paragraph alignment, etc.
  4. Check chapter and paragraph breaks
  5. Format headers to provide a consistent style throughout [ or this can be done in pdf formatting]
  6. Check pagination to ensure page numbers are correct. Most publishers write their books in separate chapter files and collate for the final copy.
  7. Save the entire manuscript in one file OR use Adobe Acrobat to collate documents.


eBook Summary

A summary of your ebook is required for submission to online publishers/ ebook stores. The summary of the content of your ebook should include:

  • Business Problems you are seeking to solve
  • Table of Contents
  • A short Author Bio
  • Introduction - an informational eBook, should list the important points of what will be covered
  • A reason to purchse – why the eBook will be significant to him or her personally

Be very descriptive with your summary. It should be long enough to give the customer a very good feel for the content of the eBook.


eBooks are generally priced at a lower cover rate than printed versions. However, if you ebook is a highly technical or detailed business book, it can expect to command higher pricing. Some business reports cost several thousand dollars, and the research is little more or a fraction of what often goes into a comprehensive business book.

  • Most fiction ebooks sell around $9.99.
  • Standard Business ebook - $16.99 - $69.00
  • Comprehensive Guides - $50 - $300

However, the price is completely up to you.

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