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Getting Traffic to Your Site Using Articles


Without question, one of the best ways to get traffic to your site is by writing and publishing articles. Good quality genuine content articles around 500-600 words long, with a resource box linking to your site not only drives traffic but links to your site from high ranking directories, thereby boosting your page ranking in SERPs.

There is a logical way to publish articles:

  1. Capture your thoughts and publish them in your blog
  2. Expand on those thoughts to a 600 word article
  3. Create a suitable landing page on your site to which the articles will link
  4. Submit your article to the following:
  • Article Directories - publishers of websites, blogs, and ezines search these sites for good quality content.
  • Article Lists - these are newsletters on Yahoo and Topica that allow you to email your article directly to publishers of web content. The submission comes directly from the list, giving your article instant crediblity.
  • Ezine Directories – this means contacting individual publishers of ezines related to your topic. You can locate these publishers on ezine directory websites. Email each one and ask them to publish your article.
  • Individual Websites – contact webmasters of websites related to your topic. If you focus on high ranking sites, this also boosts your own page rank.
  • Past Publishers – contact past publishers of your articles and offer to write articles on any content that they may be interested in. Put a link to the page in their site containing your past work.
  • Provide Article to your Affiliates - If you run an affiliate-program, help your affiliates by giving them your articles as a way to help promote your site. Give permission for them to substitute your link with theirs in the resource box of the article.
List of Article Directories


Create an Article RSS Feed

Once you have enough articles, create an RSS Feed that people can use for their website. Every time you create an article, you post it on your RSS feed and the subscribing websites have new content for their visitors.

You need to keep your articles coming and continuously market them. You don’t need a large number of articles to start, or to submit to all directories. In fact, building slowly has shown to be more valuable as it does not trigger the search engines, who monitor any untoward spikes in traffic.

Great writing – good hunting!


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