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Webmaster Tools

Tools webmasters use are offered free on a number of sites. These provide you with keyword research tools, metatag generation tools, search engine optimisation tools, search engine position ranking tools, and many more. Some or my favorites are:


Keyword Research Tool

Find good keywords and phrases to include in your webpage’s body copy to increase your page ranking. Just enter your niche word or phrase and the tool suggests additional keywords and phrases to consider using.

Term Suggestion Tool

Shows how many times a certain keyword was searched for at Overture.com [Yahoo] and all related searches for that keyword. Use it to determine search frequency among related keyword phrases.

Top Bid Tool

Check your keywords to see if there are a lot of ads available and what advertisers are paying. Look at the ads in positions 3-6. These are the most likely ones to appear on your page if you have an average page ranking of 3.

Keyword Analyser Tool

This tool reads the body of the page URL you enter and tells you what words are used and how many times they are used. This is called Keyword Density. Since most engines rank pages and sites depending on keyword density, this is a good tool to have. Aim for a keyword density of 3% - 7%. Any keyword density over 20% will likely get you dumped from Google Adsense for keyword stuffing.

Meta Tag Generator

This automatically generates a Meta Keyword tag from the content of the page URL you enter. Extra weight is given to words in a heading tags.

Search Engine Optimization Tool

One of my asbolute favorites. So much so I put it on this site for you. This SEO tool does a full page analaysis. It tests the performance of a web site by server performance and meta performance using criteria such as title and content. Then it ranks the page against the criteria that the top search engines use. Use SEO Tool Here

Search Engine Position Checker Tool

This SEO tool checks to see if your website appears in the first fifty results in major search engines for your chosen keyword or phrase. If your URL is present, it tells you what position you are. It also highlights if any other URLs from your domain appear in the search results.

Link Appeal

To see if your page or site is appealing to other sites to link to. Use a good link appeal rating in your email to webmasters when asking for a back link. Give them to link to this tool and your page URL to check for themselves.

Link Popularity Tool

I find my sites report significant variations in inbound links from different reporting tools. One site showing only 2 backlinks on Alexa reported 38 unique backlinks on another tool. So take the report with caution. However, it is useful to know how many backlinks a search engine sees. This tool will measure that. It provides tabulating data and a graph of the resulting data. Use it to compare your site with those of your competitors.


Putting It All Together

So, get started....

  1. Get your keyword list together with the Keyword Research and Suggestion Tools
  2. Analyse those keywords for ranking with the Keyword Analyser Tool
  3. Enter the keyword into the Top Bid Tool to see what sort of ads and income you can expect from a well optimised page.
  4. Write your page, checking it's keyword density with Keyword Analyser
  5. Upload the page to your site and enter its URL into SEO Position Checker.
  6. Once your page has been indexed check its SEO position with the SE Position Checker Tool
  7. Build up your traffic to check backlinks with the Link Appeal Tool and check how well your link campaign is working with the Link Popularity Tool

Just come back to this page each time you are developing content - we will keep adding more useful tools for you to use in one central location.


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