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Web Video Marketing Statistics


If you are wondering whether it is worth the effort creating short videos for marketing your products and services, or providing online help - then check out the web video statistics below.

How Popular Is Online Video?

Alexa is a reasonable watchdog for what's popular online. Generally Google, Yahoo and MSN are the top 3, but YouTube sits at top 4. 15% of ALL internet traffic goes to YouTube.


Youtube has increased significantly in popularity – that’s why Google paid so much for them. The average time of Youtube was 26 minutes, and its increasing. With over 300 video hosting sites online, there are 30 that grab the majority of thetraffic. So why is YouTube so popular?

Video Viewing Increasing

People are spending a lot of time watching video online. According to comScore, over 70% of USA Internet users streamed video during March 2007.

You will reach more visitors with video that text – 3-4 times more people will connect with video that scroll through a page.

The most watched video on Youtube has been viewed more than 60 million times – and its only some guy dancing!!!

Another recent edition on Youtube by Len Foley – the bionic burger. In just a few months it has received over 300,000 views. This video has gone viral. He made it in less than 4 hours for $82 – generating over $1400 in membership fees per month from this one video. He has now repeated this success formula with other videos.

Other success examples include:

Humanitarian videos tagged with big names drives a lot of traffic to site

Marriageadvice.com used video get traffic to site – keyword load them. Hired videographer for a day and made a whole pile of 1-2 minute videos, and loaded them to Google Video – his site is now #1-3 in Google Search Results.

Realtors should be using videos on Youtube t o market homes – only 100 on video site for 31million results on Google.


Benefits of Video

Just create ANY video and follow a couple of simple techniques the search engines find the video, index it quickly [as little as one hour!!] but at a max – 48 hours. Using keyword loading [using keywords in your title] it will show up in the top 30 listings almost immediately, many in the top 10.

  1. The advantages of using video are:

    Credibility increases
  2. Believability increasees
  3. Very persuasive


Web Video Viewership

  • Web video viewership increased 70% between 2008 to 2009.
  • 84% of U.S. based Internet users watch web video.
  • On average, every U.S. based Internet user spends on 11 hours in total watching web video each month; with each web video session lasting on average 6 minutes. If you don't thinkg that sounds very long - the average time visitors spend on a web site without video is only 57 seconds.

Web Video Marketing

Web video is ranked third by Deloitte LLP in 'The Most Influential Marketing Mediums' list, being outdone only by television and magazines. The reason web video has gained so much popularity in marketing is the average 12% increase in conversions rates for web sites using video versus. text-only sites.

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