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Getting a top consultant is most often too expensive for small businesses, and even for large corporates, engaging consultants is risky. As a manager, you don't really know how well they will perform in this particular task. Further, when the consultant leaves, so does all the experienced knowledge and much of the inertia driving the implementation of the new strategy of operation.

BMAPS provides an alternative. Its a low cost, in-house consulting option for small businesses that allows you to learn before you try, and the knowledge stays in-house.

For corporates, it provides an opportunity to advance the knowledge of your own team leaders and executives, keeping the knowledge in house for a more prolonged impact.

BMAP kits provide you and your staff with full resource kit implementation programs that provide ready learning as they go. Features include:

  • Implementation divided into easily implemented steps
  • Full implementation plan template
  • Executive briefings every step
  • No special software required. All templates are based on Microsoft Office software.
  • Action Warnings - provide you with red flags, before disaster tempts.
  • Expected Outcomes - benchmark guidelines for each major section
  • Further resource links

BMAPS allow you to tackle business improvement one step at a time. No more extensive learning curves to get through BEFORE you even start. The kits provide briefings at each action step to guide your understanding on the benefits and outcomes, and warn you in advance of things that can go wrong, if you divert from the process.

Internet Marketing BMAP Series

BMAPS are valuable resources for consultants - Contact us about Professional Licensing.

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