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Electrosmart is an electronic publishing company focussed on providing information that is easy to understand and readily actionable.

Electrosmart started as an extension of years of corporate management consulting by the publisher, Gail La Grouw. Other experts are engaged in specialist fields to provide a complete suite of knowledge solutions.

Gail started consulting in 1980 to small ventures, assisting them in defining strategy and gaining venture capital. In 1990, after many years of venture investment work and having worked for a number of years as a pilot of corporate aircraft and commuter airlines, Gail recognised the value of the disciplines used in flying complex aircraft and how the systems structure was not that different from corporates. In any machine or organisation there are a number of distinct funcitonal parts working together to a common outcome. The major difference was that in aircraft, there was nothing there that was not needed, and all critical information was presented real time, and in an easy to read format.

Gail took this concept to large corporates, streamlining their operations toward aircraft operational standards. A critical element, was that operational strategy MUST be aligned with regularly reveiwed commercial strategy. As new technology emerged, Gail focussed on assisting high tech companies struggling with rapid, and often uncontrolled growth.

The years that followed covered many types of industries in NZ, Australia and the UK, with a major focus on mobile data telecommunications. During this journey Gail mentored a number of small technology start-ups and saw first hand how lack of strategic and operational knowledge were preventing great ideas from reaching sustained commercial production. She also witnessed the increasing intelligence turn-over in large corporates, where consultants were often used, and knowledge not sufficiently transferred back to the organisation.

Both of these issues led to the concept of providing accessilbe, affordable knowledge and consulting solutions that can be used by small business and corporate alike, such as:

  • Commercial Strategy [Business and Marketing]
  • Capitalising High Tech Ventures
  • Dynamic Organisational Structures for Growth
  • Integrating New Services to Existing Businesses
  • Sales Skills for Technology Products & Services
  • Project Management
  • Demand Planning/Sales Forecasting
  • Process Design and Re-engineering
  • Software Requirements Management
  • Software Vendor Selection
  • Distributed Stock Management

Many informational texts over-deliver in subject depth and use specialist jargon. Such resources are invaluable for academics and scientists; but most of us need information that is easy to learn and presented in a way that it makes it easy to implement into our business, and into our life. This is where Electrosmart products deliver.

Shared Knowledge Websites

Our sites are informative and provide links to more in-depth information should it be desired. Knowledge is written in easy to understand style, and is updated daily with the latest news, products and services. Visit our Sites


Managers and business owners don't have time to read 350 pages of waffle to get the core information. Electrosmart Ebooks deliver concise, condensed, proven information without excessive jargon, giving the reader a fast track to critical business knowledge. More about Electrosmart Ebooks.

BMAPS [Business Master Action Plan Series]

Ever finished reading a business book and found that you still don't really know EXACTLY how to put this new knowledge into action. BMAPS are the answer. BMAPS are online self consulting kits, providing you with support every step of planning and implementation. They give you all the tools and templates you need to rapidly improve your business performance and save thousands of dollars on consulting fees.  Log Into BMAPS

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