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  • You are keen to take action but just don't feel like you know enough.
  • You don't have time to search through millions of Internet pages to get the information you need
  • Books take too long to get to the real stuff
  • You want knowledge you can take action on.....NOW!

Electrosmart provides informational websites on key themes to support instand action. Every site provides valuable background knowledge and supports you with take-action courses and checklists.

Let us do the searching for you. We bring the best resources together to give you everything you need in one site. No more endless searching, wondering whether you have missed something critical. Our 'actionable knowledge' theme is woven through the sites. We have stripped out the technical details to give you just the information you need, and stripped out unnecessary jargon so you understand, right now.

Our first site focuses on preparing the body and mind for peak performance, enabling you to take maximum action of your life goals:



This site provides information and latest news aging, wellness and antiaging. This includes the latest findings in aging and antiaging medicine, products and treatments. It provides guidelines on how to fight the aging process and prevent aging associated diseases. Find out how to use those guidelines to develop your own personal antiaging and wellness program.


Antiaging Skincare

A subsite of antiaging wellness focused on skincare and cosmetic products and procedures. Find out what you can do to improve the tone and texture of your skin.



A site dedicated to reviews of consumer and business products and services. The Go-Review Forum provides an open bulletin board for user feedback and vendor response. Keep up to date with the latest product trends.


Golf Vacations Review

Golf is one of the most played sports in the world. In New Zealand, it has a higher player per capita than anywhere else in the world. New Zealand is also one of the most travelled nations in the world. It makes sense then that New Zealanders love golfing vacations. This site was developed as a support resource of golfing vacationers world-wide. www.golfvacationsreview.com


The Golf Swing Club

That elusive perfect golf swing is a lifetime challenge for most golfers. This site takes a unique biomechanical approach to gaining the perfect swing, without golf lessons. Watch streaming golf television or check the swing of your favorite golf professional. www.golfswingclub.com


The Online Graduate Degree

The connected world has opened the doors to learning to those previously constrained by geography, time or finance. Gaining a degree online is becoming a popular goal, allowing students to maintain a job or family whilst completing their studies. www.theonlinegraduatedegree.com


Lemon Law Review

Lemon Law is a consumer protection law in the United States, providing remedy to purchasers of items that require 'unreasonable' repair within a specified period. As each state upholds its own variation of the law, Lemon Law Review helps to clarify how to take advantage of this law, without cost. www.lemonlawreivew.com


Remodeling & Renovations

If you have ever been through a home remodelling or renovations project you will understand how exhausting they can be, and how much work is involved for you as the home owner. This site is a resource for home building with particular emphasis on renovating homes in disrepair and remodelling homes to bring them back up to modern styles. www.remodelingrenovations.com


Rich Media Mix

With the world exploding on consumer driven video and other rich media, the advertising industry is ramping up to keep pace. Any business not embracing the trend for dynamic media for on the move markets will be left behind. RichMediaMix.com keeps track of multimedia technology, trends and consumption. www.richmediamix.com