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How To Create A Podcast


Creating downloadable podcasts is one of the easiest ways to communicate. You don't have to know how to spell, you don't even have to be having a good hair day.

There are different types of podcasting software programs:

  • Programs specifically used on Windows, Mac, Linux or pocket pc's.
  • Software to download and manage feeds to listen to
  • Software to publish your own feeds online for other podcasting users to listen to.


Podcast Media Players

Podcasts are not only listened to on ipods. There can also be displayed on websites with clickable links to audio files and many of the standard RSS readers, which have begun supporting audio.


Audio Recording Software

All you need is:

  1. An audio recording software program - There are many free audio recording programs available. I use Audacity.
  2. A microphone - the one built into your computer will do fine, or use a cheap extension microphone or boom headset.
  3. An Audio Publihsing program - to save the podcast in a frame or skin that includes the player buttons particular format you want. There are also freeware versions.


Top Podcast Publishing Tools

Although there are many podcast publishing tools, the two most popular are:

Audacity - one of the top free tools to publish podcasts and create and manipulate audio files for podcasts. It is easy to learn, it also includes many advanced features, supported by Windows, Mac OS 9 or X, and Linux/Unix.

GarageBand - comes pre-installed on Apple computers or can be purchased for around $79. GarageBand is a full-featured studio that records the audio AND manages all publishing steps.

FeedForAll - Desktop software used to create, edit, manage, publish RSS feeds and podcasts. Creates new podcasts and feeds or Podcast feeds generated by other means can be automatically repairedand enhanced to conform to the RSS 2.0 specification. This gives them a more professional look.


Specifically For Windows PC

Windows Sound Recorder - is standard on your PC, but will only save files in .wav format which means you will still have to convert your final recording into an .mp3 file. There are plenty of free codec coverters available. You can find Sound Recorder: Start|Programs|Accessories|Entertainment|Sound Recorder.

BlogMatrix Sparks - A program that enables you to record, mix, share, publish, store and listen to podcast feeds.

ePodcast Creator - A podcasting application with which you can record, edit, create an RSS feed, and upload your podcast.

ePodcast Producer - Software to record, edit, and create an RSS feed and this program can upload your podcast.

Escapepodder - This software can automatically generate RSS feeds for podcasts.

FeedForAll - Software to streamline creating and publishing RSS feeds

Free Podcast Maker - An easy to use program for creating podcasting files.

MixCast Live - With this program you can record podcasts, create show notes and publish feeds on the Internet.


Podcasting Resources

Blogging Tools

Podcasting Tools

















Specifically For Mac

Cast Easy - Software designed to help you create, publish, and manage published podcasts.

Feeder - A program to create, edit and publish RSS feeds.

FeedForAll - Software to streamline creating and publishing RSS feeds.

Free Podcast Maker - An easy to use program for creating podcast XML files.

Podcaster - Free podcasting software to create podcasts.

Podifier - Also free podcast software that helps you to create and RSS feed and upload it to a server for other users to download and listen to.

RapidWeaver - A so-called blogging program that supports podcasting



There are many types of microphones ranging in quality and price. For affordable voice recording, I recommend a unidirectional, dynamic-type microphone.

Shure - a basci but versatile and affordable for voice

Higher quality choices from:

  • Sennheiser
  • Aaudio-technica
  • Neumann

How much you spend on a microphone is a personal matter between you and your budget.

  1. Plantronics headsets work great.
  2. Eidorol - a higher quality mike.

When you are ready to record, plug your microphone into your soundcard's mike input and open up Windows Volume Control.

Start > Program > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control

Click: Options > Properties > Recording > OK

Check the Select box under where it says MIC

Adjust the Volume switch using the slider control as you begin to do your recording

Start a new recording using Audacity, check your levels and begin your program. Edit test audio or other glitches when you are finished.

Podcasting Publishing Tools

GarageBand - comes pre-installed on Apple computers or can be purchased for around $79. GarageBand is a full-featured studio that records the audio AND manages all publishing steps.

GigaVox’ Levelator - really easy to use to work with any WAV and AIFF file, mono or stereo at any sample rate. A great drag and drop interface.


Professional Tools

Once you find a niche in podcasting you may want to invest in some more professional recording tools.

  • Aphex 204 Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom - hardware version to add more fidelity
  • Behringer Eurorack UB802
  • Marantz PMD670 - to get the recording independent of your computer
  • Microphone - ElectroVoice RE20
  • Voice Processor - Symetrix 528e

These tools are all available here in our Amazon store


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