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Monetizing Your Website


There are several ways to make money on your website:


Google Adsense

Both Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network are known as Cost Per Click or CPC programs.

Advertisers are always looking for context related places to promote their products. Google offers a service to advertisers, whereby they find suitable website content against which to place their ads. This is known as contextual advertising. If a visitor to your site clicks on one of these ad links, you get a share of the advertising revenue. This percentage varies depending upon the program.

With Google Adsense, you place small snippets of code onto each webpage that you wish to display Google Ads. Google then rates your site and content to provide you with ads related to the words on the page. Generally, the better the site and page, the better quality ads you get, and the more money you make.

To find out more on Google Adsense, check out...

You can join Google Adsense regardless of where you reside. So...


Yahoo Publishing Network'

Yahoo Publishing Network works exactly the same as Google Adsense. At present, to join the program you must have a valid U.S. Social Security or Tax ID number, and web site content that is predominantly in English and targeted at a U.S. user base.


Affiliate Programs

You may promote someone elses product on your site and receive a commission. There are a number of Affiliate Program marketplaces that provide you with the opportunity to sell a vast array of products. You do not handle to goods, you merely direct your traffic to the vendors product page. If the visitor buys, you get a commission. This is referred to as Cost Per Action or CPA.

Generally, you will need to apply for each program, but often this is automatic. If you are rejected from a program, contact the program directly and ascertain the reason. I have often found that I have been rejected automatically for having just a new site or being located in NZ, whereas my site was comprehensive and already getting good traffic, and all my sites are located in the USA and focused on the USA primary market.

Affiliate program terms vary so reach through the terms and check out the commission and payment structures. Payment is either made by Check, directly to your bank or to your Paypal Account.

My recommended programs are:


Market Places

There are a number of online marketplaces where you can display their products online. The most common is Chikita. I find it still a bit clunky and products very limited but give it time and I can see good online sales developing.


Vendor Affiliate Programs

These abound in the Internet Marketing industry, but are also popular in other product sectors. Check individual sites for Affiliate programs or Referral or Reseller programs. Check out thier service; its your brand you tarnish if its poor.


Own Products

Without a dobut, the best revenue is having your own product. This can be sold using one of the major affiliate programs or develop your own program and partner with other online marketers that have good opt-in lists. A good place to find joint venture partners is either:


Membership Zones

If you have a product or service that is continually expanding or providing more value each month, you may like to consider having your own membership site. This can provide you with recurring monthly income, or a great place to gather all your opt-in subscribers to enlighten them with your products and those you are representing for other vendors.

Without doubt the master program for building membership sites is Butterfly Marketing. Although this course may be rather pricey for you starting out, once you are earning a regular income from your online sales and want to expand, the information and software you are provided with gives you a complete membership site-in-a-box.

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